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We have years of experience in the restaurant industry, multiple locations in operation, and demonstrated consumer appeal. With refined, streamlined operations and menus, we know we are on to something special. Let us show you how it’s all done.

With the same energy and dedication we’ve poured into our concept, our core ingredients, and our service to our guests …we are dedicated to supporting all our Matt’s Big Breakfast restaurant owners.

Here’s how we’ll help you:

• We’ll provide guidance on restaurant location selection, design, and build-out (typically 2,500 to 3,200 square feet, often existing restaurant space, ideally with patios). This includes advising you on sourcing all necessary equipment and furnishings at reasonable prices through our established vendor relationships.

• You’ll get complete pre-opening training both at a corporate location and onsite at your restaurant, covering key topics, business start-up, kitchen procedures, guest service, and more.

• We’ll be there to provide ongoing operations support with periodic site visits, business review meetings, refresher training, and remote support when you need it.

• You’ll receive a copy of our comprehensive operations manual containing procedures, business management tasks, quality control guidelines, recipes, food safety, job descriptions, forms & reporting functions, and more.

• You’ll have access to technology tools such as approved & tested POS systems, as well as alliances with top local vendors for products, ingredients, plus guidance on ordering procedures, quality assurance, labeling and date coding, and other important tasks.

• We’ll provide general marketing guidance on the production of marketing materials for local use, and you’ll be featured on our corporate website and have full use of our trademarks, logos, and other key branding elements.


To learn more about how we support you as you open your Matt’s Big Breakfast restaurant, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request more information, or contact us 602-281-3620 or

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