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Many people dream of owning their own restaurant one day but are unsure of how to get started. Owning a restaurant on your own is a lot of work, and becoming successful in Houston, Texas can be extremely challenging. Researching existing restaurants for sale may lead a potential owner to a poor investment. Fortunately, there are restaurant franchises available that can help these individuals achieve their restaurant ownership dreams. 

Matt’s Big Breakfast

Matt’s Big Breakfast is a restaurant that started out as a small breakfast joint owned and operated by a husband and wife. Through a passion for good food and a love of their community, their restaurant brand’s popularity grew exponentially. Today there are 5 locations throughout Arizona and they have been recognized on national media outlets such as Food Network, USA Today, and The New York Times. Now, they are offering others the unique experience of owning a Matt’s Big Breakfast franchise.

Why a Franchise?

When a person thinks of owning a business, they don’t always think of purchasing a franchise first. There are several benefits to opening a restaurant franchise, especially a Matt’s Big Breakfast franchise. Matt’s Big Breakfast works directly with the franchisees to create attractive on brand spaces at a cost much lower than would be expected. Our decor and design style is cool and up to date but with minimal design and exposed ceilings, concrete floors etc. This costs less to build out. Also, Matt’s Big Breakfast is open to converting existing restaurant spaces which is a money saver.

Brand Recognition

One of the biggest benefits of opening a franchise is enjoying the existing brand recognition. Matt’s Big Breakfast wouldn’t have grown to what it is if it didn’t have an amazing reputation among locals. When a person opens a Matt’s Big Breakfast, they immediately benefit from that reputation of high-quality breakfast and lunch foods. 

In-Person Training

When a person purchases a franchise, the franchisor provides specialized training to teach him or her how to operate that business. With Matt’s Big Breakfast, franchisees will get coaching from the founding owners of the franchise. They provide guidance on how to select a restaurant location and sourcing of the necessary equipment and furniture. Purchasers are given in-depth training from how to start the business to kitchen procedures to guest service and more.

Marketing Help

One of the most important aspects of owning a business is developing an effective marketing strategy. When a person opens a new business, he or she may struggle with how and where to market, and how much to spend. Those who purchase a restaurant franchise are given marketing support to help get them started.

At Matt’s Big Breakfast, restaurant owners can expect to receive general guidance on how to use branded marketing materials in their area. They are given access to all the brand tools and trademarks that make Matt’s Big Breakfast so recognizable. They’ll also be featured on the corporate website, giving them a head start on driving web traffic.

Ongoing Support

There are often snags when starting a new business. When a person starts from scratch, they are left to sort out how to handle financial, marketing, and operation problems on their own. However, if they invest in a franchise, they enjoy the ongoing support of the franchisor, which will help coach them through any hiccups or challenges they encounter.

During the start-up period, Matt’s Big Breakfast provides on-site grand opening visits and other initial support. Once the franchise is launched, the franchisor provides the same level of ongoing support to their restaurant owners. They offer constructive remote business review meetings to help owners stay on top of operational procedures. 

Dynamic Growth

Most new businesses fail within five years. Between accounting issues, marketing blunders, and other issues that may come up, it is difficult for new businesses to get off the ground. Individuals who purchase a franchise have access to tools that are designed to help them achieve long-term growth.

Matt’s Big Breakfast is invested heavily in the growth of their restaurant owners. They support the restaurant owners in every aspect of their businesses, from large business decisions to minor day-to-day operational details. Restaurant owners enjoy all the benefits of owning their own business while knowing they have the tools necessary to help build their business. 

Franchise Costs

Starting any business takes a significant amount of capital to get going. Restaurant owners with Matt’s Big Breakfast do pay an initial $40,000 franchise fee and an ongoing 6% gross revenue-based royalty fee for the support, marketing tools, training, and systems that the franchisor provides. This can be viewed as a nominal fee compared to the cost of trials and errors that is involved in establishing a business management system from scratch.

Those looking to be their own boss by owning a restaurant in Houston, Texas should consider purchasing a Matt’s Big Breakfast franchise. Matt’s Big Breakfast is one of the best restaurant franchises available, as they focus on high-quality food and community support. 

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